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Azienda Agricola Fietri


Il vino, specialmente in Italia, è la poesia della terra.


Territory. Character. Identity.

These are the three words chosen to describe our philosophy and placed in our logo, under the name FIETRI and it is in this line that we intend to move to direct our productions of wine and oil and to offer hospitality on our farm.


Everything is born from here. On the contrary many other activities can be released from their location. This is not the case of our wines and oil, our hospitality, which originate in this environment, on these lands, from these climatic conditions, through these traditional working methods.


Received the gift of what our territory offers us, to obtain the best results, however, we need a lot of will, determination, patience, intelligence, strategy, in one word: our character.


The combination of the first two factors allows us to obtain exclusive, original, unrepeatable products; the tasting of our wines and our oil, the stay in our apartments surrounded by nature and the combination of the two then becomes a unique experience and leave a memory of true quality and the desire to come back to relive those moments.

Our adventure originates in this magical place, full of charm and history, almost completely abandoned in the 60s with the end of agricultural contracts of sharecropping, returned to rebirth in the 80s for our will, supported by renewed interest for the Chianti Classico wine and the new agritourism formula.
The transformation was carried out in full respect of the pre-existing agricultural traditions not only regarding restoration and building renovation, but also in the configuration of the campaign itself.
In the 2000s the new vineyards were carefully designed and then realized; they actually reach the surface of 8 hectares aimed at production of high quality wines. A new and modern temperature-controlled cellar, equipped with stainless steel tanks, has allowed us, since 2006, to produce and bottle our wine directly. The aging area is set up with oak barrels of 5, 7 and 18 hl.
Today the Fietri Company produces in Organic Agriculture from its excellent Sangiovese grapes the Chianti Classico DOCG, the Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, the Sangiovese IGT Rosé, the IGT red wine “Dedicated to Benedetta”, and our “Kallistè”, an amazing sparkling wine classic method. With Chardonnay and Viognier grapes we also produce IGT white wine “Hic et Nunc.
From our 15 hectares of olive groves of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties between 430 and 580 mt s.l.m., we produce a superior quality organic extra-virgin olive oil.

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