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Azienda Agricola Fietri


An olive branch, carried in the mouth of a dove, announced the end of the flood to Noah.

The olive groves of Fietri are situated at an altitude that varies between 570 m a.s.l. for the” Podere Paradiso” and the “Buca delle Fate” groves, and 650 m a.s.l. for the groves on the steep slopes above the Linari vineyard, with warm South-South-West exposure and surrounded by the chestnut, holm oak ,and pine woods which border the whole property.

Moraiolo (80%), Frantoio (15%) and Leccino (5%) olives make up the varietal panorama with an average annual production of about 12,000 kg and an oil yield of about 1500 kg: one bottle of oil for every tree in our olive groves!

The manual harvest of the olives begins in the last ten days of October and may last as long as the beginning of December. It is performed from the ground using electric shakers which make the olives fall onto the collection nets. They are then immediately transported in crates to the nearby “continuous cycle” crusher.

The excellent organoleptic characteristics of our oil is obtained thanks to the high altitude of the olive groves, the consequent favorable climatic conditions, the lack of necessity to carry out treatments with pesticides, and our use of exclusively organic fertilizers.
A further substantial contribution is the very short time gap between the harvesting of the fruit and their pressing.
A part of the production is certified as Chianti Classico DOP Oil, and is packaged and sold in 500 ml bottles. The remaining part is filtered, and is available in 250, 500 or 750 ml bottles or in larger format cans of 3 or 5 liters.

This is
the gold of Fietri

Technical and organoleptical NOTES

To the nose, the extra virgin olive oil of Fietri expresses an intense fruity olive scent with hints of artichoke and mown grass, the indication of a healthy, fresh and cultured fruit at the optimal point of ripeness.
To the taste test, there is an elegant oiliness with a balance between the bitter and sweet followed by a spicy finish originating from phenolic substances such as the oleuropein and aldehyde volatiles that originate near the stone of the olive.
Fietri’s extra virgin olive oil belongs to the category of “Medium Fruity” and described as being “Fine – Fresh – Elegante” and a perfect harmonious fusion between the various parameters of the visual, olfactory and gustatory aspects.
The analytical values of the laboratory tests of the Chianti Classico DOP oil are Interesting quality indicators:  (The reference values of the DOP regulations are in parentheses )
• Acidity: 0.150% – (less than 0.50%)
• Number of peroxides: 6.20 meqO2 / kg – (less than 12 meqO2 / kg)
• Polyphenols: 626 mg / kg – (above 150 mg / kg)
• Tocopherols: 244 mg / kg – (above 140 mg / kg)
• Optical density at 232 mm: 1.68 – (less than 2.1)
• Optical density at 270 mm: 0.19 – (less than 0.20)
• Defects: 0
• Fruitiness: 3.70 – (between 3 and 8)
• Coefficient of variation of the Fruit: 10.07%
• Spiciness: 3.70 – (between 2 and 8)
• Spicy variation coefficient: 12.31%
• Bitterness: 3.70 – (between 2 and 8)
• Coefficient of bitterness variation: 11.19%
• Color: from intense green to green with golden hues
• Aroma: characteristic olive and fruitiness

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