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Waiting October: celebrating Tuscany… and its food!

October: Autumn transforms colours and emotions

Just when we start again to get used to cities, entering in the animated winter rhythm, time to abandon energies comes for nature, to facilitate the passage to the new cycle.
The colours of fields, woods and valleys gradually change, turning to yellow, orange and red, while the sky and sunsets become clear and beautiful.
If on the one hand it is a moment of recollection and closure, at the same time nature offers us the umpteenth occasion of enchantment and pleasure for our eyes and soul.
The harvests end, while the woods, damp by the first rains, begin to offer their most tasty fruits: mushrooms and chestnuts. Warm food, winter refreshments and an important source of nourishment in past times, they are still celebrated in many of our countries with Festivals and Ottobrine Fairs.
The fresh air also allows to take advantage of some of the most practiced and loved sports of our land: walking and especially cycling, to which two great and charm sporting events are dedicated during this month.
October in Chianti is for everyone: for gourmets, for sportsmen, for romantics, for families and for lovers of culture.
And Fietri waits for you, at the center of this vitality, to enjoy together another spectacular and unique moment of the year.

October’s events: markets, sporting time and a lot of food
Fiera antiquaria di Arezzo
Fiera Antiquaria di AREZZO

Since 1968, every first weekend of the month takes place in Arezzo the oldest antique Feria in Italy. Hundreds of exhibitors offer thousands of visitors from all over the world their art objects, furniture, jewellery and bijoux, watches, books and antique prints, scientific instruments and musical instruments, toys, antiques and all kinds of collecting.
But not only… for those who are not fond of antiquities, the Fair offers a wide range of modern, vintage and quality handicrafts.
The Antique Fair of Arezzo has always been and is considered “the largest and the most beautiful” among all the open-air antique markets, thanks also to the extraordinary historical and architectural context in which it takes place.
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l eroica foto di Paolo Martelli

Photo by Paolo Martelli

Since 1997 The heroic is an example of enhancement of the environmental heritage, sustainable lifestyle, clean cycling. A world where everyone makes the heroic in his own way: the important thing is to show that you can sacrifice with a smile for a healthy passion. This is the event that inspired a whole movement.
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Aprilante Panzano in Chianti

Market that takes place on the first Sunday of the month with local handicrafts, vintage and traditional culinary products.

Tiro della druzzola e sagra del galletto
Tiro della Druzzola e Sagra del Galletto, CAMIGLIANO

This Fair takes place every year the FIRST SUNDAY OF OCTOBER and wants to be a means for a necessary enhancement of the Sienese countryside, a stimulus to visit an environment rich in valuable natural beauties, an invitation to spend a different day in the countryside in the name of the friendliness of the people, the peace of nature, the genuineness of the table. These ingredients, combined with the folklore, cultural and gastronomic character of the “Festa”, have helped to make the SAGRA DEL GALLETTO one of the main folk festivals of Siena and to make it famous and appreciated by all.
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Mercato internazionale di Arezzo
Mercato internazionale, AREZZO

170 foreign operators from 35 countries, with 5 continents represented. From spices and perfumes from Provence, to Brittany butter biscuits, flowers and cheeses from the Netherlands, speck from Tyrol and Austrian sweets, beers from Belgium and Ireland, from Germany the roast shank and the timeless würstel with sauerkraut; then Spain with paella and sangria, Greece with souvlaki, caviar, vodka, pearls and fur from Russia; The essence of rose from Bulgaria and the roasts from the Slavic countries. And again: there will be the fabrics of fiandra, the Argentine asado, silver and wooden and leather objects from Africa, kosher cuisine from Israel, the handicrafts of Ecuador and Tibet. 43.46331, 11.87363
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Festa della Castagna, MONTICELLO AMIATA

During the festival you can enjoy, in addition to good local cuisine, travelling shows, cultural initiatives, exhibitions, demonstration of the ancient processes of harvesting and processing of the chestnut, visits to the house museum“, markets etc.
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la castagna in festa Arcidosso
11-13.10 e 26-28.10.2019
La Castagna in Festa, ARCIDOSSO

Culinary stands, tasting of typical chestnut recipes, guided tours of the area and craft markets.

festa d autunno abbadia san salvatore
12-13.10 e 19-20.10.2019

The Autumn Festival is a food and wine festival that pays tribute to mushrooms and chestnuts, important local products of these lands.

Gran Fondo del Brunello di Montalcino
Gran Fondo del Brunello, MONTALCINO

A unique opportunity to explore the Val d’Orcia by bike. The route proposed this year is the mythical and spectacular of the “classic” in the years between 2004 and 2011.
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festa di san luca impruneta
Festa di San Luca, IMPRUNETA

The feast of Saint Luke dates back to 1600 and is certainly one of the oldest cattle fairs in Europe. Its origins go back to the tradition of the transhumance of the flocks from the Apennines to the Maremma, when the shepherds stopped in Impruneta to exchange cattle, milk, cheese and wool with the local merchants, and paied homage to the shrine of Saint Luke.
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palio dei caci di volterra
Palio dei Caci, VOLTERRA

During the Palio dei Caci di Volterra the shooters of the different districts run pushing a cheese shape… until they reach the finish line!

festa dell olio nuovo trequanda
Festa dell’Olio Novo di Podere, TREQUANDA

One of the first events of the year dedicated to new oil, to be tasted with a delicious bruschetta and new wine! You can also reach trequanda taking advantage of a characteristic steam train…


“Il Pagliaio” is the farmer’s and crafter’s market of Greve in Chianti, held every fourth Sunday of the month from 9am to 6pm, from february to november.
All the farmers products for sale are produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, no GMO and without exploitation of labour. The crafts are quality artisan products created from raw materials using ecological and natural processes.
Every market we organise workshops and performances which are open to everyone!
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gold italy arezzo
Gold Italy, AREZZO

GOLD/ITALY is the international workshop that connects the offer of the best Italian goldsmiths’ shop of selected Italian goldsmiths’ companies and the international demand coming from the main markets of outlet of Made in Italy production.
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La manifestazione Volterra Gusto
27-28.10 e 01-04.11.2019
Volterragusto, VOLTERRA

A festival that brings to Volterra, during two consecutive weekends, the culinary excellence of the territory.
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festa del marrone campiglia d orcia
Festa del Marrone, CAMPIGLIA D’ORCIA

The Festa del Marrone was born in 1978 to enhance the chestnut, an important local typical product, and spread the knowledge of campiglia and its traditions.
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sagra del tordo montalcino
Sagra del Tordo, MONTALCINO

Since 1958, the last Sunday of October, Montalcino celebrates the Sagra del tordo, an event that finds its counterpart, even if in a reduced version, in the opening of the hunts that is held instead on the second Sunday of August. For two times a year so the neighborhoods of Montalcino, Borghetto (white and red), Pianello (white and blue), ruga (yellow and blue) and Travaglio (yellow and red ) compete in a archery competition that kindles the hearts of the whole population.
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Castagnata d’autunno, BAGNO VIGNONI

A day dedicated to the chestnuts of Siena.