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What to do in September: Tuscany from Fietri to…

To begin: nature shows its romantic side

For many of us, September represents the month of the return to daily life, the end of summer and of a more or less long period of rest. The days begin to get shorter, while our rhythm resumes the usual speed. Nature, however, asks us to listen to other emotions.

September is the month in which the fields invite you to enjoy some of the latest and most important fruits of the year, just before the land returns to the rest season, ready to start its life cycle again. Olive trees are full of fruits that will soon be harvested, while the harvest enlivens the fields and collect people from small communities.
The grape is ready to become wine, protagonist of the work of the following months.

September is an opportunity to observe all this, to enjoy the air that begins to be a little cool, to witness the change of nature and to find yourself again, your soul reflected in the abundance of nature’s gifts and in its preparation for recollection.

How to take advantage of this moment?

Visiting Fietri in September is a unique opportunity to experience this time of year. Our land is alive and offers guests the spectacle of nature and the work of people who are passionately dedicated to reaping its fruits.

And to give you some more reasons to visit us… We have prepared for you a calendar of events! These are activities, fairs and other events that will take place in September in the surroundings of Fietri, all reachable from our Agriturismo. Tuscany is a region that never stops, both by a natural and a cultural point of view, and this is only the beginning!

Month by month we will discover the many opportunities that the provinces of Tuscany offer us.
Have fun and… see you soon!

Fiera antiquaria di Arezzo
Fiera Antiquaria di AREZZO

Since 1968, every first weekend of the month takes place in Arezzo the oldest antique Feria in Italy. Hundreds of exhibitors offer thousands of visitors from all over the world their art objects, furniture, jewellery and bijoux, watches, books and antique prints, scientific instruments and musical instruments, toys, antiques and all kinds of collecting.
But not only… for those who are not fond of antiquities, the Fair offers a wide range of modern, vintage and quality handicrafts.
The Antique Fair of Arezzo has always been and is considered “the largest and the most beautiful” among all the open-air antique markets, thanks also to the extraordinary historical and architectural context in which it takes place.

festa del luca luca cava san gusme
31.08-01.09 e 05-07.092019
Festa del Luca, SAN GUSMÉ

The event proposes a rich program of initiatives and shows under the sign of tradition, and in the memory of Luca Cava, bizarre character of the Tuscan folklore. A curious statue remember him at the entrance of the village: a crouched man covering the shame with the hat, intent on carrying out his daily functions alongside a singular writing: “King, Emperor, Pope, philosopher, poet, peasant and worker: the man in his daily functions. Don’t laugh, think about yourself”.
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31.08-1, 3, 4 e 8.09.2019
Palio della Balestra, SANSEPOLCRO

Medieval reenactment with competition of crossbowmen.
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giostra del saracino
Giostra del Saracino, AREZZO

The Saracen Joust is the mainly historical event in the city of Arezzo. The tournament takes place twice yearly: on the second to last Saturday of June, by night (San Donato Joust) and the first Sunday of September in the afternoon (Madonna del Confronto Joust). The joust rappresents an important attraction for thousands of tourists conquered by its historical beauty. Hundreds of colorful costumes and characteres, dozens of horses, accompanied by the town’s ancient banners and the sound of trumpets bring back the inhabitants and the tourists into the festive medieval atmosphere.
The knightly tournament dates back to the Middle Age. It was born as an exercise for the military training. This tournament was regularly held in Arezzo between the 16th century and the end of the 17th century, when the memorable jousts were organized in baroque style.
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Aprilante Panzano in Chianti

Market that takes place on the first Sunday of the month with local handicrafts, vintage and traditional culinary products.

Villaggio della Birra, BUONCONVENTO

The Birra Village was born in 2006 with the desire to compare, in a “special” place and (provocatively) at the center of the land of wine, the brewing of two countries, Belgium and Italy, emblem of centuries-old tradition the first, one of the most important expression of the “rebirth” of craft beer in Europe the second.
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15, 22, 28.09.2019
Festival Barocco, SAN GIMIGNANO

Baroque music concerts at the Teatro dei Leggieri in San Gimignano.
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“Il Pagliaio” is the farmer’s and crafter’s market of Greve in Chianti, held every fourth Sunday of the month from 9am to 6pm, from february to november.
All the farmers products for sale are produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, no GMO and without exploitation of labour. The crafts are quality artisan products created from raw materials using ecological and natural processes.
Every market we organise workshops and performances which are open to everyone!
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Slow Travel Fest is a slow travel festival circuit and outdoor experiences.
Meetings, excursions, art and music in the enchantment of Via Francigena Toscana.
Monteriggioni hosts the festival dedicated to walking in one of the most beautiful areas of Francigena. Excursions, travel stories and three days of celebration.
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